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 New (Top)

OEM Part #

Model ZP 1/2NPT 5/8x10:

Market Forge 08-0049, 26-2619;

Model ZP 3/4NPT 3/4x14:

Market Forge 08-0034, 080034, 08-0033, 26-2895;

Model ZP 1NPT 1x6:

Vulcan 9-3441; South Bend 9-3441; Crown 9-3441; Blodgett 42371

OEM Part #

Blodgett 42371; Market Forge
08-0049,080034; Southbend 8-6011


“E” Elliptical                   

Food Service Applications . . .


Butler Model SI & SU

Gaskets, anodes, and plugs are available in many sizes and for many applications!

Over the years, the design and technology of the food service steam industry changed.  Steam Boilers became smaller and use less water. The Model EH which hangs in steam equipment was not always practical for some designs, yet the need for a non-toxic de-scaler remained.  Once again the food service industry turned to Butler Engineering Associate's sacrificial anodes.   

Butler is currently the OEM manufacture for Plug type de-scalers in several of the industry's top brands.  As with our Model EH, look for the Butler stamp to ensure quality.   

Consisting of a silver plated coil wound around a core of "ButlerMetal", the EH De-Scaling Protectors work automatically when immersed in hot water of 120% or hotter.  The unit uses the principles of a cathodic cell protecting the vessel in two ways.  First, offering protection from the damages of oxygen in the system.  Since the principle metal of "ButlerMetal" is zinc, the anode sacrifices itself for the protection of the more noble metals that are used for Steam Tables and other Food Service Units. Second, the unit offers protection from mineral build up known as scale.  The cathodic cell alters the electric charge of the salt ions that carry minerals, thus not allowing them to solidify and attach to the walls of the pipes in the unit.  In fact, existing scale will soften and slowly erode away.  This technology is the preferred method of scale control in the food service industry for over 60 years.   It's also the only "Green" solution on the market today that has a proven history of success.

Butler ZP Anodes

The Butler models SI and SU were designed for Coffee Urns and hot water makers in the Food Service industry over 60 years ago.  Due to their natural non-toxicity.  The Butler SI and SU units are perfect for the anything that makes water for hot drinks where the water must be potable.     

“OB” Obround

Sacrificed (Bottom)

OEM Part #

Blodgett 41728, 41727; Cleveland 43895, 04080, 133-1101; Garland UK 43895; Hobart 00-880044, Market Forge 91-1337, S91-1337, 10-4976, S10-4976, 1123762; South Bend 8-6011, 1501726; Vulcan Hart 880044, 80044, 00-880044

Butler Model EH

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Butler Also Carries Gaskets

Our Sacrificial Anodes are effective in Boilers, Chillers, Hot Water Tanks, Cooking Steamers, Steam Tables,  Coffee Urns, Specialized Applications. See our HOW IT WORKS page for additional information about the science behind our products.