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Butler Water Corrections

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Butler Water Corrections

Manufacturer of water treatment products including liquid chemical treatments and cathotic protection devices



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Butler Engineering

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Butler Engineering Associates

Since 1938 Butler has been the leader in non-toxic, environmentally friendly water treatment that is easy to use. Our family is proud to share our History. As pioneers in Cathodic protection, we established our place as a leader in water treatment for heating and cooling systems as well as Food Service equipment.  With over a dozen patents to our name, Butler is also one of the most innovative manufactures of water treatment products.  We have offered "Green" solutions for the treatment of water since the beginning, before it was popular. We specialize in institutional and industrial heating and air conditioning systems, as well as custom applications, treating systems with non-toxic water treatment options. We manufacture protective sacrificial anodes, with a special Food Service industry line of products, as well as a Chemical Treatment options.  Our customers over the years have included schools, apartments, office buildings, hotels, restaurants, government facilities, and various industrial applications. Visit our Butler Water Corrections page to find out if you are eligible for monthly service or check out our distributors & affiliates to determine the easiest way for you to get our products. You are always welcome to contact us with any of your questions or needs.