Sacrificial Anodes for Boilers, Chillers, Hot Water Tanks, Etc. . . .

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Butler understands that not all units are created equally.  Therefore, we continue to manufacture a variety of sizes to fit the needs of your system.  Below are common sizes that are required by many models.  If the size you need is not listed, Contact Us, as we may be able to accommodate your individual needs.

Over the years, the design and technology of the boiler and water heater industry changed.  Steam Boilers became smaller and used less water. Many hot water tanks were being developed with a threaded entry point, having a specific length that was allowable by the space inside the model. The Model EH which hangs inside the steam boiler became less practical for certain designs.    However, the need for a non-toxic de-scaler remained constant.  Butler Engineering Associates adapted to the times and began to manufacture these sacrificial anodes that would be compatible in some of the newer designs. Today, Butler continues to manufacture OEM Plug type de-scalers in several of the industry's top brands.

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Using the same technology as the EH De-Scalers, Our A units provide a larger scale units that is capable of protecting a wide range of larger units. This versatile unit also consists of a silver plated coil wound around a core of "ButlerMetal". These De-Scaling Protectors work automatically when immersed in hot water of 120 degrees or hotter.  The unit uses the principles of a cathodic cell protecting the vessel in two ways.  First, offering protection from the damages of oxygen in the system.  Since the principle metal of "ButlerMetal" is zinc, the anode sacrifices itself for the protection of the more noble metals that are used for boilers construction.  Second, the unit offers protection from mineral build up known as scale.  The cathodic cell alters the electric charge of the salt ions that carry minerals, thus not allowing them to solidify and attach to the walls of the pipes in boilers or other units.  In fact, existing scale will soften and slowly erode away.  This technology is the preferred method of scale control in the food service industry for over 60 years and is widely used in the marine industry with documented use dating back to the early 1800's.   Butler has been protecting boilers  with this technology for over 75 years and holds many patents on our design and components.  Because this process is 100% non-toxic, it's extremely versatile and is ideal for potable water applications and areas where boiler discharge is monitored for various harmful chemical found in most chemical treatment systems.  It's also the only "Green" solution on the market today that has a proven history of success.


Cathodic Protection for Boilers, Chillers, Hot Water Tanks, Etc. . . .

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Butler Engineering Assoc. has spear headed the way in cathotic protection since our inception in 1938! As a world leader in this industry we use only the best raw material and highest quality standards for manufacturing. Our chemical production mirrors the same high quality standard ensuring the customers standards are always exceeded.


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