Our Foundation

Enjoy A Brief Viewing of Our History

Butler Engineering Associates was founded by Ed Butler in 1938 in New Orleans, Louisiana. During the  early 1950's, the business was acquired by Paul Bevelheimer and a partner. Harold Bevelheimer quickly joined the company as General Manager. Shortly thereafter he replaced his brother Paul as a partner. During this time the decision was made to move the manufacturing operations to Hillside, NJ. The business quickly grew to word-wide distribution. Making Butler Engineering Associates a leader in cathodic protection. It all started with Mr Butler's fasctination with the properties of Cathodic reaction and its ability to protect equipment from deterioration and mineral buildup. His scientific mind produced over a dozen patents in this field, many of which were dedicated to the protection of boilers and hot water tanks. Using his ideas, he formed what became an early pioneer in safe non-toxic water treatment. This method of protecting boilers and eventually cooling towers was decades ahead of the "green" movement. It remains to this day the safest method of treating water in heating and cooling systems and is used in many industries, including marine and water distribution. Butler Engineering Associates continues to manufacture many parts that are used to protect a wide variety of industrial, commercial, and residential equipment.

Years later, due to design changes in equipment, a liquid chemical treatment system was needed. Remaining true to the company's values of non-toxic products, CorEx was developed under the leadership of Harold Bevelheimer. This color coded, easy to use, product quickly became the safe solution for boilers where our Cathodic Anodes were not practical. The company quickly developed ACX for cooling towers and soon afterwards several other products joined the Butler line up. Butler now manufactures a full chemical line that is used by our service department, Butler Water Corrections, and sold to our distributors, other service companies, and end users.

Over the last 60+ years, Butler has been led by one family which continues today under the direction of Chad Hetzell, grandson of Harold Bevelheimer. Our dedication to the care of heating and cooling equipment is demonstrated by our long history, outstanding service, and product development. Our products are sold throughout North America via our retail partners and as OEM parts for many manufactures.  Today you will find Butler products in equipment from kitchen steam tables; to fire trucks, and of course countless boilers! If you're interested in selling Butler products, contact us. We're always looking for new family members!