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At Butler Water Corrections we are dedicated to give the customer the best water treatment experience possible. With our highly trained technicians you are being handled with extreme attention to detail and professionalism. Each facility is cared for on an individual basis with our water treatment programs. Gone are the days lacking communication with your water treatment company. We are here for you. Butler cares for your systems with monthly service visits that include expert recommendations and inspections. What do we mean by inspection? Butler will provide in depth analysis of your water treatment program each month, provide visual review of your systems for potential problems, and provide complete district reports with results, analysis, and inspection. Our products are premium commercial grade, engineered for max efficiency. Since our inception we have been utilizing "Green" solutions and technology to provide a better world for all of us.

Experts in treating:

  • Boilers (Hot Water/Steam)
  • Closed & Processed Loops  (Chilled/Hot)
  • Cooling Towers
  • Geo Thermal Systems

With our Butler Blue Tag Standard you are assured comprehensive care. We are boiler room experts who provide assistance when you need it most.

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Keep an eye out for our service vehicles, we're always willing to offer a smile and wave!

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Environmentally Friendly Chemicals 

When we say that we are boiler room experts, we mean it. Beyond the usual scope of water treatment companies, we provide professional installation of:

  • Water Softeners
  • Acid Neutralizers
  • Chemical Feed Tanks
  • Chemical Monitoring Systems
  • Filtration Systems
  • Glycol Management Systems
  • Deionizers
  • And More!

You can find Butler's team members at trade shows around the country and at your local regional meetings providing seminars on boiler room safety, care of equipment, and chemistry related classes to share our knowledge; not keep it a secret like many other companies.

Would you like to have the Butler team speak at your meeting or seminar? Contact Us to speak with a representative to learn more. 

Our Specialties

-Water Analysis Testing Services
-Chemical Feeding & Monitoring Equipment -Sales, Service & Installation
-Scale Inhibiting Products & Programs
-Corrosion Inhibiting Products & Programs
-Oxygen Scavenging Products & Programs
-Glycol Testing, Removal & Installation Programs
-Cathodic Protection Products & Programs
-Water Softener Sales, Service & Installation
-Amine Treatment for Return Lines-Products & Programs
-Steam Boiler Chemical Products & Programs
-Hot Water Loop Treatment Products & Program
-Clean Out Chemicals for Both Steam & Hot Water Systems
-Chilled Water Loop Treatment Products & Program
-Cooling Tower Treatment Products & Programs
-Algae & Legionella Treatment Products & Programs
-Legionella Testing Programs

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